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DictCfg Members

DictCfg overview

Private Static (Shared) Fields

DEF_DICTFILENAMEThe default dictionary file name
DEF_IDXFILENAMEThe default index file name
DEF_KEYWORDThe default keyword

Private Static (Shared) Properties

CONFIGFILEName of the configuration file

Public Instance Constructors

DictCfg Constructor Initializes the configuration from the CONFIGFILE

Public Instance Properties

dictfileName of the dictionary file to use
dicttypeDictionary type
idxfileName of the index file
keywordThe last keyword queried in the dictionary

Public Instance Methods

DisposeWrites configuration into the CONFIGFILE
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Protected Instance Methods

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Private Instance Fields

m_dictfilenameName of the dictionary file to use
m_idxfilenameName of the index file
m_keywordThe last keyword queried in the dictionary
m_typeThe type of the last used dictionary

Private Instance Methods

readCfgReads the configuration from m_cfgfilename
writeCfgWrites configuration into the CONFIGFILE

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