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DictImport.addIndex Method 

Adds the given dictionary index entry

[Visual Basic]
NotOverridable Public Function addIndex( _
   ByVal index As String, _
   ByVal from As Long, _
   ByVal to As Long _
) As Boolean _
    Implements IDictParserHandler.addIndex
public bool addIndex(
   string index,
   long from,
   long to


the index keyword
the position in the dictionary file, at which the dictionary entry for the index starts
the position in the dictionary file just after the end of the dictionary entry for the index

Return Value

True, if the process should continue or false if it was interrupted by the user




Adds a new DictEntryRef object build from the given from and to offsets to the array of dictionary entry references for the given index. The method does absolutely nothing on disposed objects. The does also nothing, if the given index already references at least MAXENTRIES entries. This is because some popular words like of, in, the may be contained in almost all entries of the dictionary.

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