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ParserBase Class

Collects some common functions for all dictionary parsing classes

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[Visual Basic]
MustInherit Public Class ParserBase
public abstract class ParserBase

Thread Safety

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This class assumes, that the dictionary files are text files, in which each single translation is located in one line of text of this file. This class doesn't particularly care about the format of this line, this task is delegated to the derived classes. For example for dict.cc dictionaries the line will consist of keywords and translations separated by "::" from each other. The dictionary files provided by http://www.dicts.info/uddl.php consist of tokens separated by tabulators from each other, the first token is the keyword (eg. English keyword in an English-XXX dictionary).

The main taks of this class is to read lines from the dictionary files and call the method processLine() of the particular dictionary implementation in order to extract keywords and translations from these lines.


Namespace: dict

Assembly: dict (in dict.exe)

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