Dictionary frontend for Android Installation Dictionary index database Importing the dictionary index created with dict.exe Compilation Installation Install the file dictand-x.y.z.apk on your device.


net.sf.dictccfe.and Implementation of the forntend software for dict.cc, UDDL dictionaries and thesaurus files for Android.


Dictionary frontend for Android

  1. Installation
  2. Dictionary index database
    1. Importing the dictionary index created with dict.exe
  3. Compilation


Dictionary index database

The program uses an index to the keywords in the dictionary file in order to quickly access descriptions. The index is stored in the SQLite 3 database which is accessed on every exact or similar search action. Such dictionary index database must be created prior to using the dictionary. Currently the dictionary index database can be created only by importing dictionary index files created with the C# application dict.exe. The exact format of the dictionary index database is described in the documentation of the class IdxLoader.

Importing the dictionary index created with dict.exe

dict.exe documentation for how to create the index file using the C# application dict.exe. Copy the resulting index file, eg. deueng.idx and the dictionary file deueng.txt to the directory dict of sdcard on the device. Then select Menu / Load dictionary (or Menu / 3)
the list of dicitonaries to load should appear. In fact this is a list of files /sdcard/dict/*.idx on the device. Select one of the index files, the load process should the start. The loading of the index files can take a couple of time, depending on their size and on the device, you're using.